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Bio-inspired architecture

The interdisciplinary aspect of biomimetic design opens up opportunities where distinctive fields of knowledge can link to benefit from the mutual knowledge transfer.

"Our mission at BiomimicryNZ is to introduce and spread innovative ideas and promote research excellence focused on bio-inspired design."

Negin Imani - FOUNDER

A Framework for finding inspiration in nature

The ThBA suggests innovative strategies that address opportunities for designing a new generation of buildings in the future.

Could buildings imitate living organisms?

Studying the structure of animals can motivate designing artificial surfaces capable of collecting solar radiation efficiently.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

Biologists at Victoria University of Wellington confirmed the inclusiveness and comprehensiveness of our biomimetic design tool for building energy efficiency.


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Living Pipes For Buildings Climate Change Adaptation

A new generation of buildings could be fully-automated, smart buildings that exactly imitate what a living organism does.

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Biomimetic Thermal Regulation in Buildings

Should we prepare for a future populated by living buildings that are truly sustainable and energy efficient?

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A Big Jump From Biomimicry

ThBA takes the many ways animals and plants regulate body temperature as a starting point for a roadmap to design energy-efficient, sustainable buildings.

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Thermo-bio-architectural framework (ThBA)

1The First Existing Tool
ThBA is the first existing tool allowing building designers to access the efficient ways found in nature for producing energy, using energy, and recycling resources.
The ThBA suggests innovative strategies that address opportunities for designing a new generation of buildings in the future.
ThBA is the result of a PhD research at Victoria University of Wellington. Biologists confirmed the thermoregulation strategies were comprehensive and represented an inclusive list of biological organisms.

Summary of Previous Research

Biomimetic design concepts seem more to be about the metaphorical use of examples of nature‐inspired design than about a general approach to the mining of biological information systems for design inspiration. Learn more

One-off 65%
Plants 15%
Animals 20%
  • 1
    Bio-inspired materials with thermal behaviour
  • 2
    Bio-inspired materials imitating organisms’ structure or patterns
  • 3
    Bio-inspired materials with load-bearing behaviour
  • 4
    Bio-inspired materials imitating organisms’ function
  • 5
    Bio-inspired materials imitating biological processes
  • 6
    Bio-inspired materials for natural recycling


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Meet The Founder

Negin Imani achieved her PhD in sustainable architecture from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington. Her interest in biological sciences motivated her to pursue interdisciplinary research to bridge the gap between architecture and biology.


Negin Imani

BSc MArch PhD

For the past ten years her research has been focused on biomimetic building design and her interests in the biological world have been reflected in her design projects. She has collaborated with many reputable architectural and engineering consulting companies.


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