Hybrid Endothermic-Ectothermic Buildings?

Heat generation is a characteristic of endotherms and maybe that is the reason architects are more interested in animals. But it seems buildings should be treated like the ectotherms as they keep their body temperature at the same level as the environment to become needless of generating heat. The body temperature of endotherms is almost unchanged because they benefit from the thermogenesis effect of food to produce heat in their bodies.

Biomimicry in architecture buildings

However, the temperature inside a building cannot be varied and affected by the environment, the interior environment can be kept at a stable temperature to save energy.

In this sense, our buildings need to be a combination of endothermic and ectothermic organisms. Inheriting various aspects of each to serve the two purposes of keeping the internal environment at a stable temperature range while also depending on the external sources of heat to survive. This means hybrid endothermic-ectothermic buildings.